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Update: With the election of Pope Francis (who apparently has a long history with the IVE) we’ve unearthed a lot more information. You can read about it in our post here.  With the additional information we’ll be updating the section below as time permits.
IVE Founder and History
On the English-Language web, there’s really nothing on the history of the Institute of the Incarnate Word or it’s founder, Fr. Buela, that wasn’t written by the IVE (which is partly why we started this site.) However, if you search in Spanish much more shows up. Over time we’ve been researching the Argentine press reports and connecting the dots on the IVE’s history. On this page we will try to share what we have learned (always a work in progress.)
Because we are 10-20 years removed from these events, original sources are difficult to find online (think of how few sites you read in the 90’s are still around – or did you even read the internet in the 90’s?) As a result, most of what is available is a retelling of past events.
We aren’t asking you to choose one opinion over another, because there are not multiple opinions on the history we recount below. There is only a consistent story of what took place. The Institute will even admit to it when called out, but they won’t put it on their site or wikipedia page, that’s for sure.
High Level Summary
This much is absolutely clear: in the IVE’s short 30 year history they have already been investigated twice. The founder has been forced to resign twice. The bishops in their home country ordered their seminary shut down and they would not ordain them nor allow them to celebrate mass in their dioceses. They had to move the vast majority of their priests out of the country (which is how they became a missionary order – they weren’t one originally) and, eventually with the help of Cardinal Sodano, they found a diocese in Italy that would take them and allow Buela to be in charge again. We aren’t making this up. The IVE admits to this.
Out of Buenos Aires to San Rafael
There are conflicting stories floating around the Spanish web about how Buela was inspired to found his institute.  What is consistent is that Buela and some associates contacted Bishop Leon Kruk of the San Rafael Diocese and asked to come there.  Buela first started teaching in the existing seminary there, but later asked if he could start his own seminary within the confines of the diocese.  Bishop Kruk appears to have acquiesced and, with a large donation from unknown parties,  the land for the seminary was purchased.
From what we have read, the IVE began as a traditionalist group, celebrating the Latin Mass, always wearing cassocks, etc.  They were not intended to be a missionaries.   Over time however, as the complaints and problems built up, there were fewer diocese in Argentina that would take IVE priests, so they had to look elsewhere for parishes.
The First Investigation, Resignation, and Flight From Argentina
As the problems and fighting with local bishops escalated it eventually landed with the Argentine Primate.  Leading then Archbishop Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, to attempt to shut the IVE down 15 years ago (See here and here.) It’s hard to get exact details or chronology of the story but we will outline it as objectively as possible. First they were investigated by the Vatican, who needed three papal investigators to complete its work. Then, after the investigation, the Bishops asked for Buela to resign and leave the country and for the seminary to be shut down.
Buela did initially resign and leave to Ecuador.  A Fr. Jose Luis Solari was unanimously elected Superior General to replace Buela.  (Interestingly, after the IVE’s move to Italy and Buela’s re-election as Superior General, Fr. Solari left the IVE and ended up a diocesan priest in Peru.  It’s not clear where Fr. Solari is now.)  We have written more about Fr. Solari on this blog.
Apparently related to real or perceived disobedience to the requests for Buela to be exiled and the seminary to dissolve, the Bishops refused to ordain IVE candidates for about three years. This even affected transitionary deacons which means the Bishops had to have a canonical reason or else be in violation of Canon Law 1030.
The impasse lasted until Cardinal Sodano – the same guy that shielded the pervert Maciel in exchange for bribes – went over Archbishop Bergoglio’s head to keep the IVE seminary in Argentina open, find them a new diocese, and even help them open their novitiate in Chile.
Somewhere in this process they were connected with Cardinal McCarrick in DC. McCarrick was instrumental in securing them two parishes in the DC metro area where they could start a novitiate and seminary in the US. The IVE now have three full-time staff (a priest and two seminarians) living at McCarrick’s house acting as his secretaries. McCarrick does all their ordinations in this hemisphere. He even does their ordinations in Argentina because Bishops there still won’t ordain IVE seminarians.
The Second Resignation
More recently in 2010, Fr. Buela stepped down for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. A letter appears to attribute his resignation to poor health. Meanwhile, rumors of a vatican investigation were prevalent, even within the IVE, and it’s own seminarians claim he stepped down due to “Church Politics.”
Buela, however, is still very active in the order. In fact, many in formation are not even aware he stepped down and the few seminarians with professional backgrounds spend much of their time working on his pet projects. As with the previous instance, he probably resigned in name only and is still running the Institute.
Reasons, Explanations, and Why They Matter
The IVE says this was all just persecution for their faithfulness and orthodoxy by liberal bishops (one of whom is now Pope.) While that may be the case, it’s just seems a bit far-fetched when their benefactors are the scandal-plagued Cardinal Sodano and the uber-liberal and equally scandal-plagued Cardinal McCarrick.
There are serious implications to the events that transpired in their history and they are brushed aside very quickly by the IVE’s “We were just too faithful to the Church and were persecuted.” These are people that will ask for a vow of (what is essentially) blind obedience. It would behoove you to know a little bit about their past and get some explanations before entrusting them with one’s will, soul, and well-being.
As the saying goes, “Judge them by the company they keep.” If you judge the Institute of the Incarnate Word by the Cardinals that help them out, Cardinal McCarrick and Cardinal Sodano, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.
Online References
We’ve provided links below for information on the Institute of the Incarnate Word’s history and Cardinal McCarrick, but you could easily spend some time searching and find them yourself.
Most of the information is on Spanish sites it might be easiest to use Google’s Chrome browser, which will give you an automatic translation.
If you find any additional links that we should include below, feel free to send us a mail.
IVE History
Search in Spanish for: “Buela Problemas” “Instituto Verbo Encarnado Problemas” “Instituto Verbo Encarnado Bergoglio” “Instituto Verbo Encarnado Sodano” “Bergoglio Sodano” and you will be able to find this and much more on your own.
Cardinal Sodano


This is the guy that will ordain you if you go to the seminary in Italy.  The local bishops won’t ordain IVE candidates any more.  If Sodano isn’t available (or if he can’t be troubled – eg. when there is only one person to be ordained deacon) the IVE have to search a bit before they find someone that will do ordinations for them.


His past connections to scandal:
His connections to the IVE:
Cardinal McCarrick
This is the guy that will ordain you if you go to the Seminaries in the USA or Argentina.
Keeps information from the US Bishops and the pope, presides over Ted Kennedy’s funeral. From EWTN reporter Raymond Arroyo:
Cardinal McCarrick rumors that are well known in DC area seminaries:
General weirdness by Cardinal McCarrick, the guy that would ordain you if you became an IVE priest:
Lots of articles from this media outlet:

5 respuestas a “Fr. Carlos Buela, IVE – Founder and History

  1. It is so sad to read these accusations,in particular because I’ve seen the sisters do so much good and are so lovely. These days are so hard for those who believe or want to believe because there is so little union among catholics it is all so sad.

    • Sorry Chiara, What is sad is people like you that defend an order like this. The accusations were true and supported by the church. The truth eventually came out despite the sad efforts of the IVE cult and people like you who want to cover up the truth and protect abusers who target good catholics.

  2. Well, but at least there is a very good news: the fact that the pope now is Bishop Bergolio means that those discerning the IVE may be safer and that the Institute is under the direct vatican eyes. This is a good news both for the Institute and for the lots of Young persons who approach it being interested in its charism and vocation.


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